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Common Disabilities Your Senior Loved One Is at Risk Of

Common Disabilities Your Senior Loved One Is at Risk Of

We become more prone to various disabilities and impairments as we age. Our body systems may not function as efficiently as before and cause us various impairments in movement, vision, etc. As a provider of home care services in Oakland Park, Florida we have cared for several senior patients with disabilities.

Here are some of the most common disabilities we have come across in senior care:

  • Falls and hip fractures
    A lot of the elderly suffer from osteoporosis which puts them at risk of falls and fractures.
  • Chronic illnesses
    These include arthritis, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses
  • Cognitive impairments
    Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are common in elderly adults.
  • Heart problems
    This can include coronary heart disease which leads to heart failure, angina, or myocardial infarction.
  • Vision and hearing impairments
    These impairments can risk social isolation and depression

There are various risk factors for these disabilities including genetics, lifestyle, and old age.

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