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Professional Care for Your Child with Special Needs


At ASZ Caring Hearts Inc., we know how important it is for parents like you to care for your child with disabilities properly. Personally providing personal home care in North Palm Beach, Florida, shows how much you care for and love your child. However, doing everything yourself can lead to burnout, especially when you are your family’s primary breadwinner.

Being emotionally and physically drained can negatively affect your work performance. It can also be detrimental to the home health care you can provide your child. There is no shame in hiring professional help so you can focus on your work and provide for your child’s future.

As one of the top home care services in Oakland Park, Florida, we can provide you with professional caregivers caring for your child and their particular needs. We can adjust to your scheduling requirements, depending on if you need help during the daytime, nighttime, or 24 hours a day.

Our children medical service caregivers are experts at caring for children of all ages and with special needs. You can rely on us to manage your child’s medications and meals.

We can assist them with activities for daily living and keep them company while you are away. Let us help empower your child with special needs.

Get the best of both worlds. Focus on your work with peace of mind, knowing your child receives the best private medical services at home. Call us today at 866-981-284 to discuss how to serve you and your child’s needs best.

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