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How to Approach Persons with Special Needs

In approaching persons who have special needs, there are three rules to do it effectively. It is true that they are attentive and accepting. However, it cannot be impossible that they will not vibe with you. Individuals with intellectual disabilities tend to ignore you as if you are not there.

Having been providing down syndrome care, we can attest that they can be the most reliable and amazing people we meet. To be friends with them is exceptional. However, how to make friends with them can be a challenge. Hence, these tips might help you take the first step:

  • Address them directly if there is something you would like to discuss. Do not let it go through the caregivers.
  • Avoid talking down to them as if they are harmful or too fragile for their being. Our friends with special needs will highly appreciate it if they are treated just like ordinary individuals.
  • What we learned from them is that they want to be regarded as equal.
  • Adjust your vocabulary when communicating with them if you’d talk to them. Use simple language and properly modulate your voice.

Our friends with intellectual disabilities should be with people like them. Nothing beats the understanding their fellow can offer to them. Hence, for an excellent provider of children medical service, our team is ready to be of service.

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