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Cerebral Palsy Care From Child to Adult


Caring for a child with cerebral palsy requires a specific set of activities and as the child grows older, these services shift to support their growing needs.

Whenever you need Children medical service, remember we are just a call away. Our reliable Home Health Aide in Miami, Florida is also ready to help the entire family succeed in providing care for the young adult with cerebral palsy. Here are some items we have to consider as their needs change.

  • Managing seizure – while the seizures continue, the young adult may require different handling compared to when they were younger and much smaller. They may also be wiser enough to understand their situation and what they can do in case this happens.
  • Problems with hearing or vision – every adult longs to explore the world and as the child gets more adventurous, they may need smarter solutions to address their vision and hearing problems. For example, hearing aids better suited for their age and vision treatments can be considered.
  • Mental health issues – it is unfortunate that as the child grows, they understand their difference from the rest of their peers. With limited activity, isolation, and feelings of loneliness, their mental health is challenged. They may need a support program to address these issues.

We have a variety of Home Care Services in Oakland Park, Florida to support your needs.

If you need Personal Home Care in North Palm Beach, Florida, call ASZ Caring Hearts Inc. at 1866-981-2843.

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