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Who Had First Described Down Syndrome to the Medical Community?

Nowadays, experts in home health care recognize that Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome in the person’s genetic material. Scientists recognize that having additional genetic material can interfere with the physical development of the individual.

Two people deserve the credit for bringing to light the conditions associated with and the genetic factors that are the cause of Down syndrome. These people are, namely, John Langdon Down and Jerome Lejeune.

Down is an English physician who first published literature detailing the specific characteristics that define the syndrome in 1866. Without his written work, Down syndrome will not be recognized as a separate Syndrome, and home care services in Oakland Park, Florida will not be able to know how to care for these individuals.

For his work, Dr. Down is given the distinction of adding his name to the syndrome’s official classification.

On the other hand, Dr. Jerome Lejeune is credited for establishing the science behind the genetic material causing Down Syndrome. It was he who first described a condition in which an individual has 47 chromosomes in his cells, instead of 46. Dr. Lejeune’s work broke ground in research regarding Down syndrome. In the future, new techniques for personal home care in North Palm Beach, Florida for Down syndrome can be expected.

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